Maddie Lynch

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Dienstag, 19.30 Uhr       Urban Flow

Donnerstag, 7.30 Uhr    Urban Flow

Samstag, 9.30 Uhr          Urban Playground



Maddie trained to become a yoga teacher in Rishikesh, India in 2017, and has since travelled the world teaching yoga, workshops and retreats (so far taught in India, Australia, the UK, Greece, Croatia & Germany). She believes that yoga is a life journey of learning, and continues to keep up her studies by attending educational yoga courses. (She has recently completed a 50 hour Advanced Alignment course and a 100 hour Maze Method Immersion). 

Maddie is also a Reiki Master, Wild Woman Project Circle Leader and has a degree in Psychology. She is very passionate about the rising of Divine Feminine energy, and is currently beginning a two year Professional Womb Healing Medicine Woman Training. 


“I love to incorporate spirituality and yogic philosophy into my classes, in order to provide a authentic and holistic yoga class. It is my intention that you will learn to connect more deeply with the asana’s and your breath, but more importantly that you will discover a deeper and more meaningful connection to yourself, through the path of yoga” 


How I connect to the four pillars of Urban Yoga:


Peace:  When we make Peace within ourselves, we are able to make Peace with the world around us, taking us on an incredible path of healing and inner transformation.


Love: I believe that Love is what holds the fabric of the Universe together. At our deepest essence we are Love, as Love is our natural state of being. 


Joy: When we are able to connect to the moments of joy we experience, we are connecting to the meaning of life. Life is meant to be lived joyfully and consciously, which is why I like to incorporate elements of joy into my classes. 


Truth: When we are our shining within our most authentic selves, we are living our Highest Truth. Afraid and unapologetically yourself, allowing you to live life with the greatest integrity. 

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